VIDEO: UMass Athletics demonstrates use of drone for video coverage of stadium games

Gazette Staff
Thursday, May 29, 2014

The flight is documented in a one-minute, 45-second video posted on YouTube.

“Check out what McGuirk Stadium and the surrounding areas look like from the air,” a post accompanying the video says.

The video shows the craft, powered by four horizontal rotors, lift off. The drone’s pilot can be seen standing nearby, guiding it through a remote-control handset.

The craft, which is about the size of a basketball, then gains altitude to provide its own aerial video of the stadium area, all set to pounding music.

Legacy Comments 1

Quadcopters with Gopro cameras are not 'drones' in any true sense, just remote controlled flying toys basically. They are becoming pretty common place. Mount Holyoke took this footage of their annual Laurel Parade this past month with one - they do get some fun footage.

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